Monday, April 14, 2014

City Moves

How to Pack a TV
Bubble Wrap

Begin with 1/2 inch 12x24 bubble wrap. Wrap the entire television. 
Leave extra on the sides to wrap around the edges too. The bubble wrap should be at least two deep. Don’t forget to wrap your base or wall mounts in a layer or two in bubble wrap as well.

If your television is especially large or heavy you can take an extra step and also wrap the unit with blankets. Using moving blankets, wrap the body of the TV. For flat screens, the safest way to do this is to lay the blanket flat on the floor, with the TV screen down on top of it. Wrap the blanket inward and secure with packing tape. Once completely covered, wrap tape or stretch wrap around the the TV multiple times both in horizontal and vertical directions in order to tightly trap it inside the blanket.

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