Wednesday, April 9, 2014

City Moves

Packing a Leather Sofa

1. Wrap your leather sofa in furniture blankets to protect it from scratches, scuffs, tears and dirt. Tape the furniture pads securely to hold the blankets in place. Be sure to never let the tape come in contact with the surface of the leather--it can damage the finish or take the color off.
2. Stand the couch on its end to make sure any finished wooden legs are covered and protected as well.
3. After covering the sofa in furniture blankets, you may opt to wrap the entire thing in shrink wrap to hold the blankets in place. This is safe as long as your wrap the sofa with furniture pads prior to applying the shrink wrap. Never wrap a leather sofa with stretch wrap directly! The plastic traps condensation which can cause mildew to form and result in costly damage to your sofa.
4. Additionally, if your sofa will be exposed to extreme heat, the shrink wrap could melt and stick to the leather.

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